• box jellyfish

  • anatomy of the brain, Andreas Vesalius, 1543

  • automatic bottle machine, Michael J. Owens, 1910

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AGRIEMYS, 2009 - 2011
154 x 224 x 18 cm
60.6 x 88.2 x 7.1 inches


AGRIEMYS, a complex 2D-print, is the result of an artistic research on the human/animal organic tissue, as represented in medical manuals and encyclopaedias. The glossy texture and the complex network of connections also give this work a certain machine aesthetic. AGRIEMYS shows the world beneath the skin: industrialised ‘organs’, ‘muscles’, ‘nerves’,… By re-organising these building blocks, a strange creature without inside or outside comes into being: a cyborg figure who preserves the mean between the organic and the machine. Because this organic shape doesn’t have a skeleton or fixed structure, it seems floating in the realm of the virtual. Underlying Ervinck’s work on the human tissue is a preoccupation with the growing mechanisation of the human body. Not only does technology infiltrate the body, it also aims at using human tissue as a technological material. Using 3D models from CAT-scans, one can for instance make real replica’s of human bones. Bioprinting as well enables us to print human organs. This way, the body achieves market value and becomes a consumer good.

2015   Vormidable, Beelden aan Zee - Den Haag, NL
2014   GNI-RI mar2014, NK Gallery - Antwerpen, BE
2013   Kortrijk vlaandert, Budafabriek - Kortrijk, BE