• Bauhinia flower

  • driftwood

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200 x 170 x 150 cm
78.7 x 66.9 x 59.1 inches


For ANIHUAB, Nick Ervinck took the Bauhinia flower, represented in the flag of Hong Kong, as a starting point. The artist’s signature style is a cross-pollination between the virtual and the real world. The digital designing process allows the artist to create very complex forms which cannot be created by means of hand-drawn sketches.In this manner, ANIHAUB is a lively sculpture with a dynamic shape that seems to grow endlessly and consequently mirrors the fast changing nature of Hong Kong’s city. The symmetry in the sculpture refers to the duality of Hong Kong versus China and reflects the idea of ‘one country two systems’. The design process of this work is very closely related to a new form of architecture which is commonly referred to as ‘blob architecture’. This kind of computer-aided designs resulting in organic, amoeba-shaped, bulging forms was firstly explored by an architect named Greg Lynn in 1995. This is a new movement whereby architects remove themselves from the previous linear and corner- like box structures and instead turn to rounded, bulging shapes as structural forms.

2020   ANIHUAB, Gelderlandplein - Amsterdam, Netherlands 2020
2016   GNI-RI mar2016, Musée Paul Valéry - Sète, FR
2015   Vormidable, Beelden aan Zee - Den Haag, NL
2013   Kortrijk vlaandert, Budafabriek - Kortrijk, BE
Wit op de berg, Galerie wit - Wageningen, NL