• Military Hospital, Oostende

  • The House in the Clouds, Thorpeness, Suffolk, 1923

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print mounted on pvc
50 x 100 cm, framed 74 x 124 cm
19.7 x 39.4 inches, 29.1 x 48.8 inches


COLBATROPS is a panoramic image of a familiar landscape, occupied by 'futuristic architecture of the past'. Using large wall prints, the virtual designs are now applied to a physical bearer and thus present in real space. Yet, this image is a construction of a possible world which can never be materialised. This world cannot be mounted by the viewer. The rough bric-a-brac version of the sculpture is almost the opposite of the smooth, clean shape of the blob. The rough version is representative of our physical world, whereas the clean version is characteristic for the digital, industrial world. The area of tension between both worlds is what interests Nick Ervinck, who is mainly fascinated by the tension between the box and the blobs. He captures organic blob shapes in cages and places old angular architecture in symbiosis with new organic blob shapes. The result of this are balanced combinations, tensions and fertilizations between old and new, the physical and the virtual.

2009   SuperStories, 2nd triennial of contemporary arts, fashion and design, - Hasselt, BE
2008   Update II, Award New Media Liedts-Meesen Foundation, Zebrastraat - Gent, BE
GNI-RI feb2008, Benedengalerie - Kortrijk, BE
2007   Artes Digitales, Buda Fest - Kortrijk, BE