• Albert I Memorial, Nieuwpoort

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print mounted on pvc
50 x 100 cm, framed 74 x 124 cm
19.7 x 39.4 inches, 29.1 x 48.8 inches


Ensconced in a heptagon shaped architecture lies CHORECHNOTS. This shiny, slightly awkward, yellow bulb seems to refer to the surrealist paintings of Magritte. Moreover, lighted from the inside, as from the outside, CHORECHNOTS resembles a space ship or even the mysterious arrangement of the stones in Stonehenge. Using seven tilted brick houses, Nick Ervinck builds a new architectural composition. Because of this urge to control every stage in the production process, Ervinck has made and laid each brick by hand. CHORECHNOTS visualizes a bizarre clash between the manual, the petty brick house and the high technological aspects of science fiction. These worlds are merged into one sculpture. Therefore, CHORECHNOTS is paradigmatic for Ervinck's artistic research on the relation between the virtual and the physical reality.

2009   GNI-RI jan2009, Kunstverein Ahlen - Ahlen, DE
2008   Rodenbach Fonds Award, HISK - Gent, BE
GNI-RI feb2008, Benedengalerie - Kortrijk, BE