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DARCHINOX, 2002 - 2007


DARCHINOX is both executed in small and in large format: the larger version has a shiny finishing, while the smaller exists with a rough and a glossy completion. DARCHINOX is a contemporary interpretation of the sculptures of Georges Vantongerloo (1886-1965), who was a founding member of De Stijl group. At the base of DARCHINOX is a cardboard packing box for a hard disk, which has been adapted, doubled and lengthened. The former Styrofoam box has acquired sculptural qualities. With this enigmatic object, Nick Ervinck invites the observer to fill this box with a multiple content. Is DARCHINOX for instance a reference to an industrial container, or is it rather an old-fashioned treasury? This white, angular, modernistic object can contain a bomb, but as well a daily packed lunch. With this playful sculpture, Nick Ervinck on the one hand raises questions on the materiality of the object (this one is executed in wood, but polished to perfection). On the other hand, DARCHINOX is a self-reflexive object, as it provokes the basic conditions of the sculpture: repetition, inside/outside, round/angular, rough/smooth. Moreover, Ervinck plays with the notion of the pedestal and the case (he refers to Didier Vermeiren). While these elements mostly have a support function, they now are exhibited as art.

2010   Een verlangen naar abstractie, Felix - Drogenbos, BE
2007   Versus IV, - Oudenaarde , BE