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EMISOLB, 2009 - 2013
130 x 700 x 500 cm
51.2 x 275.6 x 196.9 inches


EMISOLB is a furniture-sculpture, designed for a waiting room, an entrance hall, a terrace or a meeting place. This piece is designed as social sculpture, as it facilitates encounters in public space.This piece, balancing between sculpture, design and architecture, asks the public to participate. EMISOLB after all is a functional meeting space where people can meet and rest. Because of its yellow color, its shiny surface and its intriguing shape, this sculpture is a great force of attraction. The holes in the sculpture remind us of the growing and shrinking marrowbone-like edges of a multiple pelvis of a monstrous creature.

2022   GNI-RI jul2022, Nick Ervinck in het stadspark’, Geitepark - Roeselare, BE
2016   Architect@Work, Paris Event Center - Paris, FR
Kunstpark Soestdijk 2016, Paleis Soestdijk - Baarn, NL