• Dog on a Leash, Giacomo Balla, 1912

  • cyclist

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3D print
13 x 14 x 37 cm
5.1 x 5.5 x 14.6 inches


For this trophy Nick Ervinck plays with the tension between tradition and innovation, between the linear and the organic. As an artist, Nick Ervinck stands firmly with one foot in the digital age. He makes frequent use of innovative techniques such as 3D printing. At the same time (art) history and acheology are a very important source of inspiration. Each work is the result of a battle between the physical and the virtual, between reality and the digital world. in ENNERLEI this tension is clearly visible. The pedestal  refers to a classic, linear trophy while the sculpture refers to the organic and innovation. The sculpture represents the hard battle the riders have to endure during the race. Speed and dynamics are portrayed in a futuristic way. The result is a trophy that represents the characteristics of the race, but also conveys a certain elegance. It is also a tribute to all the cyclists that made the race to what it is today and  whose new generations can learn from to grow in their own path.

2015   GNI-RI nov2015, Persona Accountants - Roeselare, BE