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polyurethane and polyester
45 x 54 x 40 cm
17.7 x 21.3 x 15.7 inches


EROMPRA tells a story of 'becoming', for the sculpture looks like a living, dynamic substance, which keeps on growing and transforming. This outside sculpture is designed fully digital, yet, it is manufactured by hand, using polyester. The structure seems to be the result of a spontaneous, natural erosion process (think on how water hollows out rocks). At the same time, the bright colours and the shiny surface seem to contradict the organic, and give the sculpture the allure of an artefact. With EROMPRA, references to Henry Moore and the modernist sculptors are evident. The inspiration of EROMPRA was found during a walk in the Yuyuan garden, at the shores of the Huangpu river in Shangai, where Ervinck was attracted by the perforated, changeable structure of rocks. The yellow sculpture resembles a strange endoskeleton, an abstract structure, which is generated by the organic, fluid texture. While Michelangelo carved out a form from the material, Nick Ervinck chooses the opposite path with the digital designing process. The virtual form is not liberated from the material, but rather becomes a productive power. Deriving methods from 3D technology, Nick Ervinck constantly explores the borders between the possible and the real.