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3D print
33 x 25 x 14 cm
13 x 9.8 x 5.5 inches


For the Fintro Literature Award 2016, Nick Ervinck created a trophy that combines tradition and innovation in a unique way. The 3D technology allows the artist to design sculptures that are impossible to make by hand. That way, Ervinck keeps challenging the limits of what is possible. At the same time, history and archaeology are an important source of inspiration. This means that each artwork is the result of an interaction between the physical and the virtual, between reality and the digital.

In the sculpture FINUDIM, this tension between tradition and innovation, between the linear and the organic, is clearly visible. There is an inherent monumentality in this artwork, that refers to Roman god statues, which are an important source of inspiration for the artist. The pedestal in turn is also a classic, linear design. However, the dynamics in the sculpture itself, that is created through computational design methods, transforms the design in a monumental, futuristic statue. This results in a sculpture that inspires and intrigues, but also exudes a classic elegance. 

Because of the gradient, this endless movement in the sculpture is enhanced. The dynamics are inspired by a quill that was used as a writing instrument for centuries. At the same time, the innovative design methods refer to the digital revolution, that has an enormous impact on our daily life. Past and present are intertwined, referring to the tradition of writing and how it is evolved into writing down our words and thoughts digitally today. 

2020   GNI-RI jul2020, Valcke Art Gallery - Ghent, BE
2016   Colours of the Sky, De Mijlpaal - Knokke, BE