• Reclining Figure, Henry Moore, 1951

  • TRON, 1982

  • TRON: Legacy, 2010

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3D print (VeroClear)
18 x 28 x 50 cm
7.1 x 11 x 19.7 inches


"The destruction of the mass." To break down the very definition of mass & our most basic perception of it. We are always sure that mass is. GNILICER is an experiment which Arp, Moore & Van Tongerloo started all those years ago when they began their well-intended attack on our perception & definition of mass. Giving meaning to the negative, & giving depth to the hole. Nick continues this noble search, tearing down what we know and perceive. He does this by replacing the rigid foundation of blocks & hard materials usually associated with sculpting for the incertitude of transparency and the seemingly infinite & elusive line. Paradoxically it is within this incertitude that a new definition grows. The shape we perceive seems to be very elusive, gives the impression of being unstable, susceptible to change, a visually contingent object. Our mind tries to complete the image we see by suggesting virtual shapes which seem to correspond with the 'outlines', if there are any. Some us would recognize older works, like Moore's Reclining Figure, caught within the essence of this sculpture. For some of us the shape just keeps changing, keeps surprising us. Because of this the viewer is given a change at interpretation, which gives us a change to feel one with the universe, to come in contact with that elusive universal truth that hides behind this veil we call reality.GNILICER is the result of the successful merging of two rather different worlds. This merger of two worlds was made possible by the Objet Connex500 by Stratasys. With this machine Nick was able to print GNILICER the way he envisioned it. By using more than one cartridge at a time, the Objet Connex500 is able to print very complex structures intertwined and caught within each other. We recognize an organic, biomorphic shape combined with a very technical play of lines. The fluid, organic outer shape seems to rest upon the detailed and structured inner lines which function as a floating skeleton propping up the entire sculpture. The colors seem to be caught within. A subtle reference to the noble search alchemists have been conducting for so long namely trying to capture the essence of colors. The colored lines themselves remind us of the lightcycles in the science-fiction movie TRON (1982),or of the complex structure computer grids have these days.

2017   Summer exhibition - Varied works, Mark Peet Visser Gallery - Knokke, BE
2016   Een blik gericht op de horizon, De Mijlpaal - Heusden-Zolder, BE
Glass-Works III, De Mijlpaal - Knokke, BE
Glass-Works II, Muze'um L - Roeselare, BE
2015   Adobe MAX 2015, Los Angeles Convention Center - Los Angeles, USA
3D Print show, - London, UK
3D Print show, - Berlin, DE
3D Print show, - Madrid, ES
2014   ARCADIA, School of Architecture - Los Angeles, USA
3D Print show, Carrousel du Louvre - Paris, FR
Museum to scale, Kunsthalle Rotterdam - Rotterdam, NL
3D Print show, Old Billingsgate - London, UK