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polyurethane and polyester
90 x 100 x 115 cm
35.4 x 39.4 x 45.3 inches


GORIFILEH looks like an abstract sculpture, but holds great significance. Yet, it is impossible to narrow down this sculpture to one definition. Similar to a Rorschach-stain, the observer will recognize many shapes. The organic language reminds us of an endoskeleton, breathed to life by the digital technology. As a monstrous creature, this sculpture combines different elements: fragments of animals, corals, organs, machines, etc. GORIFILEH thus tells about Ervinck’s fascination for the future possibility to combine both artificial, biological and robotic elements. GORIFILEH is designed using the 3D software, but is yet manufactured by hand. This cross-fertilisation between the real and the virtual, and its countless possibilities, propels Ervinck’s artistic practice. Thanks to 3D printers, one can now print digital designs in three dimensions. GORIFLEH moreover brings about a dialogue between the existing space and the architectural infrastructure.

2012   GNI-RI sep2012, Gallo-Romeins Museum - Tongeren, BE