• lace

  • Kunstformen der Natur, Ernst Haeckel, 1904

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FDM 3D print
50 x 50 x 1.5 cm
19.7 x 19.7 x .6 inches


ILAKSID is a vivid wall sculpture celebrating the beauty of ornament. Not merely additional or destined for the background, the ornament is raised to an autonomous piece of art. The motive is a complex, geometric form, which splits up as a kaleidoscopic image. Cleary, Nick Ervinck refers to his fascination for organic structures, as can for instance be seen is his 3D prints and his work for KIWANIS Club.As in a Rorschach-stain, one can interpret this piece in different ways. ILAKSID for instance refers to an ice crystal, to complex lacework, or even to the paper cut in a lace pattern beneath a pie or pastry.

2021   Correspondances: Nick Ervinck, Sofie Muller and Renato Nicolodi, Musée Fenaille - Rodez, FR 2021
2016   GNI-RI apr2016, Oude Kerk - Vichte, BE
2014   GNI-RI jun2014, Museum Dr. Guislain - Gent, BE