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wood, FDM 3D print
90 x 188 x 65 cm
35.4 x 74 x 25.6 inches


ILLUSCULPT is the start of a new artistic development in which hybridity is not only included at the level of the work of art but also, and more significantly, at the source of the creation. In a post-modern sense, Ervinck plays with both digitally created images and hand-made sculptures, with organic yet artificial shapes. This process doesn't produce a split object. The result does not capture the opposition between the means but their fusion, engendering a brand new idiom. By literally melting into one another, both forms refuse to delimitate boundaries, beginnings and endings.Inspired by Franz West and Richard Arswager's works, Ervinck creates an emblematic, but still enigmatic piece of the puzzle of his own art world; a universe in which new objects, or new words, appear and extend the world set in place, like in a Darwinian evolution pattern. The title of the artwork, ILLUSCULPT, gives away the connection between illusion and sculpture. Nick Ervinck plays with the conditions of classical sculpture – such as mass, material and dimension – and questions the notion of flatness (which is mostly attributed to the media of drawing and animation). Glued to a beam shaped box, Ervinck creates an illusion of depth, but as well convicts the yellow and purple shapes to flatness.

2005   Prix Godecharle, Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten - Brussel, BE
GNI-RI feb2005, Part II, KC nOna's Nova - Mechelen, BE