• ceiling ornament

  • Greek columns, Encyclopédie ou Dictionnaire raissonné des sciences, des arts et des métiers, Denis Diderot and Jean d'Alembert, 1751-1772

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FDM 3D print
39 x 38 x 39 cm
15.4 x 15 x 15.4 inches


With KOMANIL, Nick Ervinck brings into question the opposition between the conventional architectural space (box) and the virtual design (blob). He translates this opposition to a new level by transforming the sculpture into a large ceiling ornament in this virtual, non-existent space. This breaks with the classic vertical presentation of artworks on a wall or in the room.
Nick Ervinck creates an interesting dialogue between the organic design and the architecture surrounding it. This results in a thin line between virtual and real, between immaterial and material. Ervinck’s aim is to let architecture and sculpture meet, and to explore the realm of the impossible by constantly pushing the limits of what we call ‘realistic’.

2019   Mon héritage provisoire, Adornes Domain - Brugge, BE
Home Sweet Home, Kunstenhuis - Harelbeke, BE
2018   Impact van het hoogst onwaarschijnlijke (Deel I ARCHITECTUUR), Black Swan Gallery - Brugge, BE
2016   GNI-RI jul2016, 2PM - Knokke, BE
GNI-RI apr2016, Oude Kerk - Vichte, BE
2015   GNI-RI nov2015, Persona Accountants - Roeselare, BE