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LUBZAERC, 2015 - 2019
polyurethane and polyester
420 x 420 x 240 cm
165.4 x 165.4 x 94.5 inches


From the research on the Jupiter column, a series of small god statues came into being. As in LUIZADO, archaeological findings – such as helmets, armour, busts and columns – are a direct source of inspiration. The observer recognises some elements, but will as well discover new shapes.
LUBZAERC looks like a guard, or a disciple of a divinity who is safeguarding an unknown sanctuary. This sculpture is at the same time frightening and fascinating. One can wonder if this guard hides the realm beyond the tangible from the viewer or if he rather open the gates to this unknown territory. LUBZAERC moreover tells about the construction of the past. Each historic period, this past is interpreted differently.
LUBZAERC seems monumental, but at the same time is out build of holes and lacunae. For this sculpture, I was inspired by Henry Moore and Hans Arp, who used the empty or negative space as a positive, constructive force.

2021   ArtZuid 2021 - Imagine, - Amsterdam, NL