• Nana, Niki de Saint Phalle, 1999

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MOBSTI, 2012 - 2013
polyester and iron
855 x 270 x 145 cm
336.6 x 106.3 x 57.1 inches


Nick Ervinck’s artworks are mostly conceived out of recognizable forms. He takes elements from reality and transforms them in a virtual setting to mold new shapes. This way he creates an interaction between old and new, tradition and innovation, sculpture and new media. For MOBSTI Nick was inspired by the structures of natural phenomena like trees and plants. The many branches and curves undergo a total metamorphosis. What fascinates the artist and becomes very clear in this sculptures is the cross-fertilization between nature and technology. MOBSTI is fully digitally designed but traditionally handcrafted in polyester. The yellow blob sculpture thus still bears some ressamblances with the natural elements that surrounds us but it’s clear that it’s a digital interpretation. But there are more ways to look at MOBSTI. One might recognize a tornado in it, sometimes disruptive, but also a symbol of positive energy. Nick Ervinck chose for the expressive colour – and his trademark – yellow. For him this is the colour of life and optimism. In a way, the sculpture is a symbol for the cycle of life, metamorphosis and transformation. At the same time MOBSTI also refers to an art historical tradition. Like the sculpturer Henry Moore, I was inspired by natural materials like stones, corals, rocks, plants and trees. Yet, MOBSTI is not a literal representation of these elements but a digital and unique creation.

2013   MOBSTI, WZC De Motten - Tongeren, BE 2013