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3d print (VeroClear)
42 x 40 x 20 cm
16.5 x 15.7 x 7.9 inches


MYRSTAW has something monstrous, a hybrid shape in which one can recognize various elements. In its symmetry it almost has the likeness of an alien creature or even an idol ready to be worshipped. The work isn’t clearly defined but points in different directions. The imagery used is clearly inspired by macro photographic images of splashing water, and thus sculpturally interprets the encounter between nature and technology.Ervinck tries to catch this sublime violence lurking behind a serene surface. How natural erosion processes generate irregular, complex structures (e.g. the erosion of rocks by seawater) has always fascinated the artist. Though inspired by natural dynamics, this sculpture is generated by the power of the virtual. Not liberated from the material by a process of depletion and carving, the virtual form itself rather becomes a generative principle. Although MYRSTAW is designed fully digitally, it is nevertheless tangible because of its manual execution.

2019   The Wave, Freeman Gallery - Aardenburg, NL
2017   TRESOR contemporary Craft, Messe - Basel, CH
MIRABILIA, La maison des consuls, Musée d’Arts et d’Archéologie - Les Matelles, FR
2016   Een blik gericht op de horizon, De Mijlpaal - Heusden-Zolder, BE
Making a Difference / a Difference in Making, Red Dot Design Museum - Essen, DE
Glass-Works III, De Mijlpaal - Knokke, BE
2015   Making a difference, Bozar - Brussel, BE
Interzum Keulen, - Keulen, DE
3D Print show, - New York, USA
3D Print show, - Berlin, DE
3D Print show, - Madrid, ES
2014   Euromold, Exhibition Center - Frankfurt, DE