• red mangrove

  • Candelabre d'Anvers, Hector Guimard, 1903

  • mangrove roots

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NARZTALPOKS, 2009 - 2011
polyurethane, polyester, lamps
450 x 330 x 330 cm
177.2 x 129.9 x 129.9 inches


NARZTALPOKS is a street lantern both living on the Art Nouveau heritage as well as heralding a new digital language. The lantern consists of two parts. The rhizomatic structure of the lower parts reminds us of a mangrove (Nick Ervinck after all is fascinated by trees, rocks and natural structures). At the same time, the roots move on upwards and lead the viewer with a dynamic power to the crest. There, the four stems of NARZTALPOKS support the four heads or flowers of the Arum. As this lantern lights up at night, a surrealistic sphere is added to the streetscape. At dusk, the four heads look like water drops or melted light. With NARZTALPOKS, Nick Ervinck refers to the designs of Hector Guimard, who was part of the Paris Art Nouveau movement. Moreover, this alliance between the aesthetic and the functional and the striving for a synthesis of the arts or an all-embracing art form, is indebted to the Art Nouveau and Arts & Crafts movement.

2011   NARZTALPOKS, Ons Erf - Brugge, BE 2011