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poluyrethane and polyester
280 x 214 x 173 cm
110.2 x 84.3 x 68.1 inches


NIKEYSWODA and GARFINOSWODA seem made out of two components but are printed as one entity. The blue smooth form almost embraces the yellow explosive structure. This combination evokes a dynamic, yet tense liaison, a symbiotic wrestle fought to control the physical space. However designed digitally, my sculptures do not exclude the organic and the biomorphic. In the contrary, I try to explore the world beneath the skin and the organic substance has become a crucial building stone. What has become noticeable in these sculptures is an exteriorisation of the endoskeleton. The sculptures resulting out of this reversal are formless and without a centre. What's more, the skeleton has been removed and one big formless shape is now expanding in space. Both NIKEYSWODA and GARFINOSWODA refer to the blob architecture, introduced by the architect Greg Lynn in 1995. These blob forms, which look organic and mobile, are the result of a computer-based designing process. This architectural movement pleas for a removal of linear, rigid structures and aims at creating expanding, bulging and growing shapes.

2021   GNI-RI may2021, From knight to cyborg, Häme Castle - National Museum of Finland - Hämeenlinna, FI