• hydro-electric power plant

  • Mayan temple

  • nuclear explosion

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print mounted on pvc
91 x 80 cm, framed 115 x 104 cm
35.8 x 31.5 inches, framed 45.3 x 40.9 inches


OLBATAWSGU is a computer-generated drawing which gives a peep-in in a space filled with objects originating from Ervinck’s imagination. A wooden case holds a peculiar energetic, coralline yellow blob-shape which seems to refer to a explosion of an atomic bomb. The yellow mushroom-like shape wriggles its way through the massive box. However one can recognize different elements and make various associations, the sculpture as a whole stays unknown. Nick Ervinck plays with the expectation of the viewer and fragments these recognizable elements into uncanny compositions, which can only exist in a parallel universe.This drawing is of crucial importance in Ervinck’s oeuvre, as it indicates a mental shift: this is one of the first computer-generated drawings which hasn’t been (and which did not need to be) realised in the physical world.

2007   Four4one, Art Event Rotary Prinsenhof - Gent, BE
2006   GNI-RI mar2006, Kunst-Zicht - Gent, BE