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225 m²
2400 ft²


the wall print on the facade of the casino in Blankenberge is a giant line drawing which is the result of virtually designed Blob sculptures. OLBERNIUM (2017) participates From Ervinck's research into line mutation. The Artist blows the age-old discussion about the importance of the line in the art new life. A blob-shaped volume is solved in a rhythmic line game. Line is also associated with color here. The gold-yellow color carries the divine in itself, but also refers to the alchemy that the - for Ervinck so important - transmission embodies. Gold is also the color of wealth, for which it is played in the casino. It also refers to the gold era of belle époque, with her child or statue of god Question is: who or what is being worshipped? The infinite possibilities or sculpture maybe?

2017   GNI-RI jul2017, CC Casino - Blankenberge, BE