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ONID, 2011
200 x 600 cm
78.7 x 236.2 inches


ONID is a virtual, organic and non-functional interpretation of a yellow Caterpillar crane. As the scoop is filled up and the teeth are accentuated, one can recognize a head of an animal, more specific of a Stegosaurus (a dinosaur living 150 million years ago). ONID thus combines the old and the new and refers to the prehistoric and industrial era in a non-logic, almost anachronistic way. By doing so, Ervinck wants to invite the viewer to perceive the familiar in a different manner. Nick Ervinck cherishes the thought that, in the future, kids will be able to make their own toys and to create their own pets from living cells, organs and mechanic parts. ONID thus is a playful ode to artificial life and the hybrid crossover between robot and animal.

2013   ONID, Kabouterberg UZ Leuven - Leuven, BE 2013