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REKAMKEIZUM, 2009 - 2014
wood, iron, concrete
556 x 1394 x 1858 cm
218.9 x 548.8 x 731.5 inches


The seed of this artistic pavilion is a concert played under a nut tree by the 'Muziekmak(k)ers' (a youth fanfare from Willebroek-Blaasveld). Ervinck started to think about the organic shelter, offered by the shadow of the crest casted on the ground. This tree offered natural protection against the burning sun: a grateful concept for a new installation. Together with the members of the Muziekmak(k)ers, Nick Ervinck looked for a spot in the park, discussed the colours and practical needs. REKAMKEIZUM is the result of this intensive collaboration: a unique and multifunctional sculptural music pavilion. The title of the work can be understood if you read it the wrong way around. Yet, the youths found a nick-name for the work: 'Rekkie'.

2014   REKAMKEIZUM, Park Bel-Air - Willebroek, BE 2014