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440 x 250 x 250 cm
173.2 x 98.4 x 98.4 inches


RETMONER is an impressive sculpture, full of meaning. Just as the Roman supreme gods were once placed on a pedestal in the center of a historic city, I place this sculpture in the center of Waregem.
Ancient rituals run out; the masks that our ancestors wore, towers that were built as high as possible, imperial guards, characteristics that are always linked to the protection of themselves and the people. The Zuidboulevard project has been an important step in the development of Waregem. The Zuiderpromenade is seen as the new gateway to the city. I am therefore happy to respond to this fact by placing RETMONER as a guard who must protect an unknown sanctuary. Resolutely, the fascinating and frightening being stops the viewer from moving on. It hides the realm beyond the tangible, controls access to what can only be found through dreams. But just on that threshold between present and past I like to stop and unexpected encounters occur.
RETMONER is a call to look at the old history books with new eyes. Waregem became known as a progressive city during the industrial era as well as today. We also recognize these innovativation in the work: through the use of new technologies and new elements, the historical heritage is portrayed in a new way. Due to its flowing, computer-controlled forms, it forms a softer version of the historical artifacts. The organic that we thought we knew so well, now suddenly becomes post-organic, it flows, slips, mixes with all materials and forms around it.
Although this sculpture seems monumental, this eclectic image is built from voids. Just like Henry Moore, I use the negative or empty space as a constructive force. Emptiness is an inseparable part of the sculpture and can therefore even be seen as a volume. The fragmentary links to the works of David Smith, Anthony Caro and Alexander Calder. These artists often presented sculptures in which various parts seemed to float in the air. Just like theirs, I design an abstract, surreal, dynamic steel construction.
In short: In RETNOMER the various elements from the micro landscape: the architectural, cultural, recreational and natural elements come together in one. The final result is a sculpture that tells a story, which makes people fantasize and dream away. The shape of the sculpture appears to be an unseen, strange warrior from the future. The sculpture, which is full of links to the past of the city, seems at the same time a strange remnant of the future. The illusion therefore exists that this image can transform into another object. The monument will appeal to and inspire young and old alike.

Just as the Jupiter column portrayed the history and religion of its surroundings, RETMONER also brings the story of Waregem in a contemporary way.

2019   RETMONER, Boekenplein - Waregem, BE 2019