• blast furnace, Pittsburgh

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SALB FURCHAK, 2004 - 2006
wood, plexi, mirror balls, polyurethane, polyester
239 x 190 x 160 cm
94.1 x 74.8 x 63 inches


SALB FURCHAK is a symbiosis between blobs and boxes. As Nick Ervinck states, he catches organic blobs in rigid cages. He combines old, angular architecture with new, organic blob shapes and aims at balanced combinations, tensions and cross-fertilizations between old and new and between the physic and the virtual. Ervinck adds digital data to our reality and translates them into tangible objects. Does the yellow blob of SALB FURCHAK embrace the wooden framework, or does it try to escape from its sturdy grip? The title SALB FURCHAK is derived from the word 'blast furnace', a type of metallurgical furnace used for melting industrial metals, such as iron. Not only does this sculpture refer to the exterior characteristics of such an incinerator, it refers to the melting processes inside as well. When fuel, ore, and flux (limestone) get in touch with air, a chemical reaction takes place in the furnace. In a similar way, the combining of blobs and boxes results in a peculiar fusion. The two elements become inseparable, yet there is a continuous tension between the two.

2009   SuperStories, 2nd triennial of contemporary arts, fashion and design, - Hasselt, BE
2008   Ad Absurdum, If the world were clear, there'd be no art, Marta - Herford, DE
2007   Four4one, Art Event Rotary Prinsenhof - Gent, BE
GNI-RI apr2007, te gast bij Frank Sinnaeve, - Veurne, BE
2006   GNI-RI nov2006, Brakke Grond - Amsterdam, NL