• The Universe Unmasked, René Magritte, 1932

  • Military Hospital, Oostende

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SIUTOBS, 2006 - 2007
polyester, plexi
15 x 50 x 36 cm
5.9 x 19.7 x 14.2 inches


SIUTOBS exists as a screenshot, a video still, a scale model, a sculpture, a building and much more. SIUTOBS is a hybrid-like sculpture, consisting of a yellow oversized egg inside a classical dwelling. The outer facade is flipped open. Ervinck opens up new perspectives with regard to the common understanding of a house. The inner walls of the dwelling are reflected in the glossy yellow surface. The rough bric-a-brac version of the sculpture is almost opposite to the smooth, clean shape of the blobs. The rough version is representative of our physical world, whereas the clean version is characteristic of the digital, industrial world. The area of tension between both worlds is what interests Nick Ervinck, as he is mainly fascinated by tension between the box and the blobs. He captures organics blob shapes in cages and places old angular architecture in symbiosis with new organic blob shapes. The results are balanced combinations, tensions and fertilizations between old and new, the physical and the virtual.

2010   Ingewikkeld, Clarissenklooster - Hasselt, BE