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SODNOTTOB, 2015 - 2016

3 x 3 cm
1.2 x 1.2 inches


These new champagne cap designs are the outcome of the merging of different interests and fascinations that are a crucial part of my oeuvre. The dynamic prints exude strength and movement, symbolising a vital energy. In a very poetic, partly surreal way, our thoughts are transformed into a colourful and dynamic image.
These experiments with the dynamics of line and colour are a new development in my oeuvre. These designs are therefore an exclusive preview of a whole new project. The lines create a futuristic dynamic, that seems to radiate from the champagne.
The energetic lines remind us of the light cycles from science fiction movies like TRON (1982). At the same time, our mind seems to get lost in a computer grid, yet we also recognize references to the human cell structure. In an attempt to find its way in the abstract shapes, the play of line resembles a mysterious alien or cyborg creature.
The configuration reminds us of patterns in nature and the medical world, although the design is created in a digital environment. I do not only want to explore the boundaries between digital and real, between the immaterial and material, between technology and craftsmanship, by using innovative design tools I want to surpass them. These prints therefore push the limits between the virtual and the physical.
The design exudes strength, poetry and movement. At the same time, there is also a critical social dimension to the prints: it encourages both young and elderly people to collect these champagne caps. Since its invention, champagne caps have always been a collector’s item. It is therefore an honour to once again create a unique design that will be an interesting addition to each collection.
By collecting all champagne caps in this edition, people can create a unique print that comes alive when placed in the exclusively designed box. Each cap is a beautiful piece of art in itself, but the final drawing is only complete when all caps are collected.