• Smith Mansion, Wapiti, Wyoming

  • floating barn, Ukraine

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TAMAKINA, 2007 - 2008
wood, polyurethane, polyester, iron, pvc
240 x 267 x 172 cm
94.5 x 105.1 x 67.7 inches


Stemming from a small pedestal is a heavyweight, mutating tank, turned upside down. Out of this tank evolves a yellow shaped blob, which heralds and embraces a new architecture in the world. TAMAKINA is an isolated fragment, pulled away from what seems another dimension. Different architectural elements were fragmented and redefined by the artist in order to create this new constellation; called TAMAKINA. This slightly odd construction cannot be defined merely as a model, nor is it merely a sculpture, an architectural construction or a vehicle. TAMAKINA looks like it is ready to transform and mutate each moment, ready for takeoff.