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TRACHEOLB, 2013 - 2014
330 x 210 x 180 cm
129.9 x 82.7 x 70.9 inches


The heart is a vital organ, as it makes the difference between life and death. The shape and the rhythm of the pulsing and contracting heart is what inspired Nick Ervinck to create TRAECHOLB. This sculpture evolved out of various interpretations on the organic shape of the heart. By mirroring and transforming certain elements, the artist made an abstract mutation with reminiscences to the real heart. Stemming from this vital structure are silver tentacles. TRAECHOLB is not at all a bloody organ, but instead it is a pulsing, lively coloured substance, which stretches out its tentacles to embrace the world. As the yellow shape symbolises life and energy, the metallic, cool tentacles refer to the role of technology in health care today. TRAECHOLB thus indicates the fading of boundaries between biology and technology as well as the expressive and artistic potential of this cross-fertilisation.

2013   TRACHEOLB, AZ Delta - Menen, BE 2013