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3D print
26 x 45.5 x 20 cm
10.2 x 17.9 x 7.9 inches


Within this series of sculptures, Nick Ervinck explores how to deploy the current techniques of 3Dprinting to surpass sculpture. He builds on the craftsmanship of the past by combining his background in sculpture and his ability to use modern technology to bring to life true artistic vision. While the traditional sculptor shapes his works by removing material, Nick Ervinck creates fluid forms and lines, with the empty space being equally meaningful. The potential of the use of 3Dprinting is endless, and offers opportunities to make a futuristic translation of sculptures from the past.

TREDAVIAM is also a clear example of this futuristic, dynamic vision. New methods of 3Dprinting enable the artist to create an infinite movement of lines and shapes, and the use of color enhances this constant motion. Simultaneously, the brightly colored lines give the sculptures an artificial character and betray the fact that something like that could not be made by nature.

2015   Adobe MAX 2015, Los Angeles Convention Center - Los Angeles, USA