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rubber, polyurethane, polyester
1100 x 1400 cm
433.1 x 551.2 inches


TUOHREM is a recent artwork by Nick Ervinck at the courtyard of the new retirement home in Meerhout, Belgium. At this courtyard, the inhabitants seem to dwell in an enormous painting. TUOHREM is in fact like a ‘floorpainting’ that spreads to all corners of the square. Nick Ervinck integrates the benches in a unity of flowing, organic colored patches. This unique visual language reminds us of a pebble that creates a series of waves in the surface of the water. Such a dynamic, digitally designed structure entails a certain energy, that encourages the inhabitants to continuously rediscover the courtyard, and to look at it in a different way over and over again. Furthermore, by using a soft floor, this work of art is very functional. TUOHREM is a unique artwork that creates a pleasant atmosphere and living environment.

2015   TUOHREM, WZC De Berk - Meerhout, BE 2015