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VIGAV, 2013
70 x 45.5 x 32 cm
27.6 x 179.1 x 12.6 inches


With EMOBCOR and VIGAV, Ervinck’s fascination with the mutation and manipulation of natural elements comes to the fore. The sculptures are composed of various bones. Just like Henry Moore, who found inspiration for his work in natural objects such as chicken bones and shells, Ervinck works with elements from nature. He then has at his disposal a virtual world of almost limitless compositional possibility.

VIGAV clearly references bones. Various components form a creature with the aura of a Venus figurine. Whereas in SNIBURTAD there was still flesh and skin on show, VIGAV goes right to the bones of imaginary realism. The structural element of the body is life-like and rendered in detail, forming a surprising and sophisticated piece.

2019   Nick Ervinck, Eerste Lijn, Geel Goed, VIVE - Wetteren, BE
2015   De 9de Maand, - Tongeren, BE
2014   GNI-RI jun2014, Museum Dr. Guislain - Gent, BE
GNI-RI mar2014, NK Gallery - Antwerpen, BE