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YAROTOBS, 2006 - 2007
print mounted on pvc
50 x 82 cm, framed 94 x 106 cm
19.7 x 32.3 inches, framed 37 x 41.7 inches


YAROCHSIRB is a furniture-sculpture, designed for a waiting room, an entrance hall, a terrace or a meeting place. This sculpture fully leans against contemporary design and architecture. Similar to Peter Cooks Plugin City (1964), YAROCHSIRB is a construction kit with standardized construction elements, which can take on different shapes. YAROCHSIRB looks like an arbitrary shape, but is in fact the result of structured ranging of all components of the network. Moreover, YAROCHSIRB is a metaphor for the invisible network or connections between people. That is why this artwork understands the social dimension both in a functional and a conceptual way. With YAROCHSIRB, Nick Ervinck thus combines a flexible structure, a social functionality with an explicit aesthetic design.

2009   GNI-RI jan2009, Kunstverein Ahlen - Ahlen, DE
2008   GNI-RI may2008, Koraalberg - Antwerpen, BE
GNI-RI feb2008, Benedengalerie - Kortrijk, BE
2007   Strong Art, Labo #4, Existentie - Gent, BE
Streetmodernism, MAMA - Rotterdam, NL