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print mounted on pvc
36 x 48 cm, framed 52 x 64 cm
14.2 x 18.9 inches, framed 20.5 x 25.2 inches


YAROTUBE is the result of Ervinck’s wish to reproduce corals or complex networks by human hand. The corals in his oeuvre refer to various complex networks and prefabrications. According to Nick Ervinck, corals are also a kind of blobs, because they can grow endlessly in every direction (which, by the way, is something they have in common with his image archive) and because their complex shapes can only be imitated perfectly with the help of digital technology.

A few years ago, during a stay in Berlin, Ervinck realized that the city is permeated by conduit pipes, which form a huge, invisible coral structure. That gave him the idea of building his coral sculptures out of standardized PVC pipe segments from the DIY shop. This is not a final work, but a nearly life-sized model. The aim is to eventually make this in metal.
Ervinck’s sculptures often emerge from the observation of reality. As he translates virtual images in tangible objects, for YAROTUBE, he breathes life in industrial materials and creates an organic form out of them. YAROTUBE thus is an organic blob-version of a clean, almost virtual coral.