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AMTA, 2010 - 2015
225 x 310 x 90 cm
88.6 x 122 x 35.4 inches


AMTA is an ode to the many-sidedness of 3D sculpture. The artist’s signature style is a cross-pollination between the virtual and the real world.  The digital designing process allows the artist to create very complex forms which cannot be created by means of hand-drawn sketches. The design process of this work is very closely related to a new form of architecture which is commonly referred to as ‘blob architecture’. This kind of computer-aided designs resulting in organic, amoeba-shaped, bulging forms was firstly explored by an architect named Greg Lynn in 1995. This is a new movement whereby architects remove themselves from the previous linear and corner- like box structures and instead turn to rounded, bulging shapes as structural forms.