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OBEBUC, 2011 - 2012
polyester, polyurethane
181 x 116 x 163 cm
71.3 x 45.7 x 64.2 inches


OBEBUC is the result of a basic question for the sculptor: how to create an organic shape out of the raw material, out of the cube? By its combining of two opposite pairs – such as boll/cube, open/closed, outside/inside, sculpture/pedestal, horizontal/vertical – OBEBUC is a metaphor for contemporary sculpture, which is defined by the current dialogue on blobs and boxes. The imagery used is clearly inspired by macro photographic images of splashing water, and thus sculpturally interprets the encounter between nature and technology. As in OLNETOP, Nick Ervinck tries to catch the sublime violence lurking behind a serene surface. How natural erosion processes generate irregular, complex structures (f.i. the erosion of rocks by seawater) has always fascinated the artist, as it was the inspiration for works such as NIEBLOY and IKRAUSIM.Nick Ervinck doesn’t look for monumentality or rigidity, but rather tries to pry loose the shape out of the base. In order to do so, he as well searches for differentiation in the chosen material or treatment. The result is not a duel between opposites, but rather a symbiosis between two equals.

2012   Go On!, CC De ververij - Ronse, BE