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EITZO, 2009
print mounted on pvc
36 x 50 cm, framed 52 x 66 cm
14.2 x 19.7 inches, framed 20.5 x 26 inches


EITZO was inspired by a motive Nick Ervinck found on a 19th century wallpaper. This motive was virtually mutated by the artist into a wall drawing and after that converted into a 3D sculptural installation. Though EITZO looks like an abstract sculpture, the viewer can recognise an infinite amount of things. As the Rorschach stain, he can discern fragments of animals, corals, organs, vegetable shapes, and machines. EITZO could as well be an element derived from science-fiction, as it looks like a UFO, ready to fly off. With EITZO, Nick Ervinck invites the viewer to let loose his imagination. This work, moreover, is situated in the field between the material and the digital. Digital renders are translated into a monumental sculpture, made of painted plaster, polyester and wood. Because of its spatial and detailed finishing, the work EITZO is a perfect and seamless synthesis between the real and the virtual.

2018   Impact van het hoogst onwaarschijnlijke (Deel I ARCHITECTUUR), Black Swan Gallery - Brugge, BE
2016   GNI-RI apr2016, Oude Kerk - Vichte, BE
2012   GNI-RI jun2012, Highlight - San Francisco, USA