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print mounted on pvc
50 x 100 cm, framed 74 x 124 cm
19.7 x 39.4 inches, framed 29.1 x 48.8 inches


The rhizomatic structure SERONIRT is the result of Ervinck’s wish to reproduce corals or complex networks. The corals in his oeuvre refer to various complex networks and prefabrications. According to Nick Ervinck, corals are also a kind of blobs, because they can grow endlessly in every direction (which, by the way, is something they have in common with his image archive) and because their complex shapes can only be imitated perfectly with the help of digital technology. SERONIRT thus is an organic blob-version of a clean, virtual coral.

2009   Regenerated, CC de Warande - Turnhout, BE