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print mounted on pvc
73 x 73 cm, framed 97 x 97 cm
28.7 x 28.7 inches, framed 38.2 x 38.2 inches


ELBATARGSCU I is an ambiguous form. Firstly, this shape reminds us of an oil tanker. Secondly, the title of the work hides more clues for a profound understanding of the work. From the word 'ELBATARGSCU I', one can for instance derive the words 'bateau', 'table', and 'sculpture'. These different shapes, belonging to different worlds, are melted together in one sculpture. The observer is guided into a new and composed reality, where he discovers the magical, poetic and beautiful character of the uncanny. Entering this world, there is no divide between the virtual and the physical. In ELBATARGSCU I, Nick Ervinck combines the skeleton of a ship with a watch tower and a control cabin. Resting on two columns, the seemingly floating ship gets a sculptural and architectural dimension. The lower part of the sculpture reminds the observer of an industrial complex. In the belly of the sculptural oil tanker, Ervinck installed a rockery, which becomes visible when looking at the 'upper deck'. The immense power of nature faces the strong, technical power, generated by the engines of the ship. Reversed, one can say that nature provides technique with energy. In this sense, ELBATARGSCU I is a tribute to the artist Hans Arp who expressed the vitality of nature using organic forms.

2006   Aanwinsten 2001-2005, collectie Provincie West-Vlaanderen, Lakenhalle - Ieper, BE
GNI-RI mar2006, Kunst-Zicht - Gent, BE
2005   GNI-RI may2005, Koraalberg - Antwerpen, BE