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print mounted on pvc
55 x 70 cm, framed 74 x 94 cm
21.7 x 27.6 inches, framed 29.1 x 37 inches


For this sculpture, Nick Ervinck placed a rough bric-a-brac version of the sculpture opposite to the a smooth, clean yellow shape. The rough version is representative of our physical world, whereas the clean version is characteristic of the digital, industrial world. Like in his other works, there is a tension between blobs and boxes. Ervinck captures organics blob shapes in cages and stimulates a symbiosis between old angular architecture and new organic blob shapes. In order to do so, he aims at balanced combinations, tensions and fertilizations between old and new, the physical and the virtual. XOBBEKOPS is built on opposite pairs: sphere/cube, open/closed, inside/outside, sculpture/pedestal, horizontal/vertical. A similar play with opposites is noticeable in the materials: smooth/rough, thin/thick, natural/industrial.

2008   G58-G58 Mass-akker, Verbeke Foundation - Kemzeke, BE
2007   Four4one, Art Event Rotary Prinsenhof - Gent, BE
Streetmodernism, MAMA - Rotterdam, NL
GNI-RI mar2007, Paparazzi - Den Haag, NL
2006   Progress, Provinciale prijs voor beeldende kunst, Be-Part - Waregem, BE
Vision on creation, Mijngebouw Winterslag - Genk, BE
GNI-RI mar2006, Kunst-Zicht - Gent, BE