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EVORTOBS, 2011 - 2012
58 x 87 x 54 cm
22.8 x 34.3 x 21.3 inches


EVORTOBS, derived from a tree stump, is an explicit rhizomatic structure. Rendered in a virtual software program, this sculpture at the same time has a glossy texture. As EVORTOBS only touches the pedestal at two points, gravity is challenged. The ‘rootstocks’ seem to push the sculpture upwards and lead the eye of the viewer up with a dynamic force.The organic looking sculpture EVORTOBS explores the delicate borders between abstraction and figuration, between the virtual and the physical.

2017   GNI-RI apr2017, Maison des Randonneurs - Mont de L'enclus, BE
2016   GNI-RI apr2016, Oude Kerk - Vichte, BE
2015   GNI-RI sep2015, CBK - Emmen, NL
The proof of the pudding (is in the eating), Kusseneers Gallery - Brussel, BE
2013   PAN Amsterdam, - Amsterdam, NL
2012   Go On!, CC De ververij - Ronse, BE
GNI-RI jun2012, Kasteel Beauvoorde - Beauvoorde, BE
2009   Regenerated, CC de Warande - Turnhout, BE