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SIUMET, 2011 - 2012
polyamide, lamps, wood, paper
59 x 59 x 53 cm
23.2 x 23.2 x 20.9 inches


In order to reconstruct the past, an archaeologist interprets historical remains. As an artist wondering how this discipline can be relevant for his sculpting practice, Nick Ervinck starts from fragmentary pieces to build up a new personal and digital space. SIUMET refers to the archaeological heritage of Roman civilization. For this 3D print, the artist doesn't take specific examples as his starting point, he rather departs from the cognitive image of a Roman helmet. This helmet was crossed with the image of an 18th century castle. SIUMET thus is a proposition for an eclectic futuristic architecture of the past. These 3D prints, which are forms between analysis and synthesis, dissection and montage, are a metaphor for the digital designing process. Though this use of 3D computer graphics, prints, drawings and sculptures may suggest a confrontation between the ancient civilizations and a possible digital future, Nick Ervinck wards off this possible clash and initiates a constructive dialogue between present, future and past, between craft and technology, and between the virtual and the physical. SIUMET thus reflects on our changing ways of thinking and feeling: the artist no longer makes art in order to represent the world, but rather to reinvent it.

2021   GNI-RI may2021, From knight to cyborg, Häme Castle - National Museum of Finland - Hämeenlinna, FI
2013   3D Print show, Carrousel du Louvre - Paris, FR
3D Print show, The Business Design Center - London, UK
2012   GNI-RI sep2012, Gallo-Romeins Museum - Tongeren, BE