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IENULKAR, 2004 - 2006
oak wood
330 x 1105 x 475 cm
129.9 x 435 x 187 inches


IENULKAR is an oak wood scale model of the abbey of Cluny – a Benedictine monastery in France build in Romanesque style, dating from the 10th to the early 12th century. This is an imaginary reconstruction of the abbey, with added fantastic details. IENULKAR looks monumental, but at the same time it seems to be floating above the pedestal. While the dimensions of the tanker and the cathedral are perfectly balanced, the towers are raised beyond proportion. Here, Ervinck points at a current ‘tower of Babel-complex’ in our society; a striving to build beyond the sky, in order to show off and to reach God, or at least to find the unknown. The two facing towers as well remind us of the Twin Towers. As in a lot of his scale models, Nick Ervinck’s expresses a symbiosis between two worlds: the imagined and the real world.

2017   Celibataire Divas, Herkenrode Refuge - Hasselt, BE
2006   GNI-RI nov2006, Brakke Grond - Amsterdam, NL
Perseverance, Godshuis - Sint-Laureins, BE