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LUCE, 2016 - 2017
polyester, polyurethaan, metal
750 x 400 x 366 cm
295.3 x 157.5 x 144.1 inches


For LUCE, Nick Ervinck is based on three parameters: the meandering form (analogous to the name of the hospital), natural forms (referring to the important position of the landscape as a conditioner for the architect) and the tissues of the human body (the ' Material ', which is central to a hospital). The organic form that rises has been given the shape of an abstract tree or bush, while the inner structure gives the idea of blood vessels that run through our body. One element branches and emerges in the meander's garden as a sign of this intertwining. The yellow color belongs to the artist's typical handwriting. Within the specific design assignment, a pictorial artwork, the color has added value of a 'signal function'. Influenced by artist Henry Moore and Hans Arp. Nick Ervinck tries to change the elements he derives into reality in a virtual computer environment. This creates an exciting interaction between 'old' and 'new'. The sculpture is initially a digital creation that is unique because of its complexity, but it can be made.

2017   LUCE, Meander Medical Centre - Amersfoort, NL 2017