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TRAHIARD, 2016 - 2017
polyurethane and polyester
800 x 490 x 415 cm
315 x 192.9 x 163.4 inches


TRAHIARD was established at the request of the furniture shop Selection des Meubles (Amougies), who invited Nick Ervinck to design a sculpture for the new parkyard at the store. This monumental outer sculpture is the result of a digital design process, but nevertheless crafted from polyester. The basic form consists of a polyurethane foam that is manually cut. On top of that, three to four layers of fiberglass reinforced with polyester. The finish is done with different layers of paint. The sculpture consists out of asymmetric and long organic lines. It is the ongoing swinging movement between the real and the virtual that makes for an interesting dynamic in Nick Ervinck's work. The image appears to be an intimate embrace of the empty space, which transforms itself into a sculptural issue. The spaces in the sculpture give the sculpture a dynamic and organic character. This reminds us to the Art Nouveau furniture, in which such gracefully curved, wavy, often a-symmetrical lines are derived directly from nature. The dialogue between the natural forms and the digital design process is something you can recognize in today's furniture industry. Organic shapes, craft and digital design meet in the world of Ervinck just like in the furniture design.

2017   TRAHIARD, private commission - Amougies, BE 2017