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OLNETOP, 2010 - 2012
iron, polyurethane, polyester
820 x 705 x 615 cm
322.8 x 277.6 x 242.1 inches


OLNETOP has something monstrous, a hybrid shape in which one can recognize various elements. The work is not clearly defined but points in different directions. The imagery used is clearly inspired by macro photographic images of splashing water, and thus sculpturally interprets the encounter between nature and technology. OLNETOP integrates perfectly within the coastal landscape, because it represents the seawater pounding with a constant force against the breakwaters. Nick Ervinck tries to catch this sublime violence lurking behind a serene surface. How natural erosion processes generate irregular, complex structures (f.i. the erosion of rocks by seawater) has always fascinated the artist, as it was the inspiration for works such as NIEBLOY (2010) and IKRAUSIM (2009).Though inspired by natural dynamics, this sculpture is generated by the power of the virtual. Not liberated from the material by a process of depletion and carving, the virtual form itself rather becomes a generative principle. Although OLNETOP is designed fully digital, it is nevertheless tangible because of its manual execution in polyester. After all, Ervinck is very interested in how new technologies can revitalise traditional sculpture, and explore the limits of the possible.

2015   OLNETOP, - Middelkerke, BE 2015
2012   Beaufort 04, - Bredene, BE