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EGNABO, 2010 - 2011
polyurethane and polyester
340 x 380 x 260 cm
133.9 x 149.6 x 102.4 inches


EGNABO is part of the family of WARSUBEC, NIEBLOY, IKRAUSIM and KOROBS. This sculpture looks like a runaway tree, an odd skeleton or a death and abstract body, which has been recovered by the organic, fluid and vivid yellow texture. EGNABO refers to natural erosion processes and to the visual language of an artefact (the shiny and colourful varnish). For this sculpture, Ervinck was Inspired by both Eastern (Chinese rocks) and western (blob architecture) shapes. Following the newest designing processes, he builds upon the classic sculpting techniques as well. What's more, Nick Ervinck intentionally plays with the organic language of Hans Arp and Henry Moore. Developing techniques and machines of his own, the artist tries to realise his virtual designs in the physical world.

2011   EGNABO, WZC Yserheem - Diksmuide, BE 2011