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polyurethane, polyester
440 x 340 x 225 cm
173.2 x 133.9 x 88.6 inches


This monumental outside sculpture is the result of a digital designing process, but nevertheless is realised by hand, using polyester. The oeuvre of Nick Ervinck can be characterised by this continuous oscillation between the material and the virtual. While sculpting has been interpreted as the systematic liberation of the figure out of the marble or stone, Ervinck uses the virtual as a constructive principle. PRAHIARD is created in line with NIEBLOY and the 3D print IKRAUSIM. This work is based on the later work of Henry Moore, who crossed an abstract aesthetic language with sensuality and intimacy. Moore's concept of the 'negative space' is of crucial importance for Nick Ervinck as well. After all, PRAHIARD looks like a sculpture which embraces the empty space in between. As a result of this embrace, that empty space has become a sculptural instrument.

2010   PRAHIARD, private commission - Sint-Martens-Latem, BE 2010